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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

What is oral cancer?
Oral cancer can develop anywhere in or around your mouth, including on the lips, tongue, inside of cheeks, or the hard roof of the mouth.

What are the signs of oral cancer?
There are three primary symptoms of oral cancer: 1) a sore that is not going away; 2) red or white patches anywhere in your mouth; and 3) pain or soreness with swallowing.

What is an oral cancer screening?
Your dentist can perform a quick and easy oral cancer screening at your appointment to check for the early warning signs of oral cancer. At Aurora Dentistry, this screening is completely free to you.

How can I reduce my risk of oral cancer?

  • If you are a tobacco user, take actions to quit using and connect to resources such as 1-800-QUIT-NOW for immediate help.
  • Get the HPV vaccine. The majority of oral cancers are linked with HPV infection.

Learn more about reducing your risk for oral cancer: Click to open.

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